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    Somebody: “Why don’t you go to parties?”

    Me: “The angel of music is very strict.”

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  • John Keats
  • "There is a holiness for the heart’s affections."
  • This would always be one of those epic lines in the annals of animated films. 
  • "Excuse me, barmaid. I’m afraid you’ve brought me the wrong offspring. I’ve ordered an extra-large boy with beefy arms, extra guts and glory on the side. This here, this is a talking fish bone."
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    Hayley Atwell laying waste to the Agent Carter set: A Timeline

    One woman wrecking crew

    I want to marry this woman.

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  • Bad photo edit, I know. I was in a hurry. I had nobody to talk and spazz about my feelings regarding this book. Everyone at work( yes, I have a job) thinks me weird for freaking out over a book. I don’t think you wanted to but I’ll tell anyways.

    I like reading. I may not have loads of books nor the Harry Potter series laden on my selves but for a person who owns one Harry Potter book only, I’ve read it twice. I know a lot of you have read it a bazillion. It’s quite difficult for me to own one, much more read one. Why? That would be difficult to explain. But that’s for another time.

    So yea, on Tuesday, I was in a bookstore buying for school supplies. I know you’re kind weirded out. In the place were I live, school supplies can be bought in a bookstore. I was trying my hardest not to enter that bookstore- well, any bookstore for that matter- because I was, for a month long craving books. Yes, I’ve succumbed to rereading the HunterxHunter manga from the beginning just so I have something to read. But it’s different. It’s always different with a book.

    There I was in that bookstore, rushing down the cashier line because it was closing time. Suddenly that (see picture above) caught my attention. To be honest, I was not one of those Hunger Games book fan. I’ve read the books but can you believe me when I say that even though the first, nor all of the three books, aren’t as think as HP book 7, each book took me a week to finish. A bloody week! That would really say something. Along the way, I thought of even abandoning it.

    So that book (Endgame) was there, displayed in all it’s shining golden glory. I have never heard of its media buzz or its date release and whatever. All I know was that I was caught off my rushing towards the till and stood there all thought consuming. Should I buy the book or should I not? Earlier that day, I was already thinking about budgeting my money. Before superego could even reason with the id. I grabbed the book, head for the line and the next moment, I could feel the weight of it inside my backpack and the weeping of my brain for being easily tempted.

    I was hoping that the book can occupy me for sometime. Cure the cravings for reading. Yet, I guess, I had too much of an appetite that I’ve finished the book in a day and night. I started reading it the night after I bought it. Then continuously unto the next day.

    I wouldn’t say that the book is a literature prize. For me, it has those repeating and dull moments. But when a scene happens, or the killings are in action, you can’t be blamed for scrunching your eyebrows together by the morbidity and realness of the moment. Like you’re exactly seeing it instead of reading. The book has its charms but, I don’t know about you, it lacks the kind of electrifying kick for being a code breaker than Dan Brown’s books does to its readers. It’s a good read for me. Probably, exceeds expectations. But it was not outstanding. More on disturbingly climatic and cliffhanger.

    Nonetheless, I salute this book and would rather recommend it than the Hunger Games and Mortal Instruments series that teens usually enjoy nowadays. You may say that those are all the same but I would say, it’s really different when the author is a guy. You think Hunger Games and Divergent is gruesome. Well, you’ve never read this one brother.

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    you never know when the desire to draw Luna Lovegood is gonna hit you… but it’s useless to fight it.

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    [千と千尋の神隠し: The Sixth Station]

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  • Is this Egerton? Dammit! I’ve replayed the trailer a million times just because of this dude and, of course, Colin Firth’s kick ass Mycroft-esque style. I can’t wait for 2015. Damn, I need to say this again. That dude on the picture above is steaming hot. Thank you.

  • Disclaimer: Photo not mine.

    One day, when my place didn’t have electricity because the electric company did some massive tweaks. I laid down on my bed thinking about Sasuke. I was so drawn into Naruto because I like how his character views things. Very positive despite the ugliness that they embody. Then I think about Sasuke and my mood would turn sour; my face into a scowl. Suddenly, a realization hit me. I was so caught up in my own ideas that life has a lot of downs and one just needs to change his/her perception to make a difference and sunshine. But what if one is not able to embrace positivity? Just like Sasuke. Somehow, Sasuke reminds me a lot of people. From hatred on kin to suicides. He’s there. They are him. Silently suffering yet when no one offers the hand they detonate. They can’t seem to understand reason because the pain is too much. With that I’ve understood Sasuke a little bit. 

    The two of them very much the same. Yet it’s the perception one has about life that makes him a success or a failure.